The rise of San Remo's durum wheat

Wheat is often referred to as the ancient grain because its origins as a cultivated crop can be traced back to over 10,000 years ago. These days we know it as common wheat or bread wheat, and although it continues to be the most commonly grown of all wheat crops, durum wheat is far better suited to pasta.

In early Australia, wheat was one of the first crops planted by colonists and quickly became our most important grown produce. Those initial harvests would be considered poor by today’s standards, but over time Australian wheat has been developed to endure our unforgiving conditions.

“Durum wheat is far better suited to pasta.”

For San Remo, the story of durum wheat is very similar. San Remo wanted to produce the best pasta in Australia, but to do that they needed access to the best durum wheat that could be grown. Based in South Australia, San Remo knew that durum wheat crops would perform better if they were best suited to the environment in which they’re grown.

A South Australian success story

Since the late 1980s, San Remo has been working with local researchers and farmers to produce higher-value durum wheat crops specifically suited to South Australian conditions. Following years of tireless work with local universities and local producers, San Remo’s durum wheat resource now rivals the best in the world. So much so, that international markets are actively seeking out our high quality Australian durum wheat.

Research, plant breeding, testing and continuous improvement has resulted in better quality durum wheat that is also locally produced to provide better yields than ever. This has been an all-natural process over many years that has included San Remo’s investment into storage silo facilities, meticulous handling processes and cutting-edge refining facilities. All of which ensures our pasta is the absolute best it can be. But the work continues.

By developing durum wheat in South Australia, San Remo now produces a quality pasta that is naturally rich in colour, and also richer in nutrients such as protein, gluten and starch which is better suited to pasta making. It’s these nutrient-rich qualities that San Remo continues to improve upon, year after year – so that you can continue to enjoy the best quality pasta.

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Let our new star Fil from the Mill explain where San Remo's delicious Durum Wheat pasta comes from!

San Remo Gluten Free Pasta

At San Remo, we have strict control measures for food allergens and our Quality and Production Teams ensure that these measures are implemented and are adhered to at all times.

All San Remo Gluten Free Pasta products are manufactured in our exclusively gluten-free facility in Italy, with robust quality and food safety measures in place. No gluten-containing products/raw materials are handled in our manufacturing site. For each batch of ingredients, we receive, we require certificates of analysis from our suppliers showing that gluten is absent in the ingredients they supply.

Our Standard Operating Procedures include Allergen Control starting from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch. We have validated our claim that no gluten remains in the San Remo Gluten Free Pasta through laboratory testing at an accredited laboratory, and we verify that there is no detectable gluten present in the product through annual testing, as required by Australian regulations.